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We are a team of professional photographers based in the North East of England. Highly regarded for producing exciting, creative photography of a wide range of motorsport events. 

We have extensively covered events Internationally and in the North of England. Specialising in Rally and Circuit based Motorsport, we also cover Hillclimb, Road & Regularity Rallying, Car shows and Autocross.

We offer a range of different packages to cover your event, whether Team, Driver or Sponsor.

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Harewood Historic Hill Climb June 2022

David Archer & myself attended one of our favourite meetings of the year Harewood Hillclimb Historic meeting. 

This meeting always has a wonderful selection of vehicles ranging from  specials built in the shed to million pound Bentleys.

Once again it was a fantastic day out even if the weather was on the chilly side for June.

More pictures here

Track Day Croft April 2022

Just bought a new camera (Canon R5) so an ideal opportunity to put it through its paces, not bad for first time use 🙂

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BTCC Testing Croft April 2022

After over a two year hiatus of not being able to shoot motorsport Dave & myself have had three trips out in successive weeks.  Croft isn’t one of our favourite spots for shooting motorsport due to it being a very flat ex WWII airfield, but it’s only a 30 minute drive away and when the BTCC circus is in town for testing its not to be missed.  Another cold & grey day gave us the ideal opportunity to brush up on our pans (and oh boy did we need it!).

More pictures here

The Flying Scotsman Rally 2022

A complete contrast to last weeks Generations Rally in the sunny Yorkshire Dales.  We headed North to Keilder through a 2″ covering of snow hoping for some wonderful backdrops but it wasn’t to be, the snow had cleared by the time we reached Keilder.   Our spirits were soon lifted once the procession of wonderful cars started to appear and our thoughts were with the brave drivers and navigators of these open topped cars in what was now a biting sub zero wind.   Undeterred the participants seemed to be enjoying themselves tooting and waving as they passed.

All in all a splendid day.

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Generations Rally 2022

After what seems like an eternity we have finally managed to get back out after lockdown and blow the cobwebs from the lenses and see if we could still manage a few decent shots.   Dave Archer and myself did a tour of Weardale & Swaledale to catch up with the beautiful cars taking part in the Generations Rally , that was based in the lake district.   The weather was wonderful, a balmy 19 degrees at the end of March,  just what we needed to get back in the swing of things.

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Spa 6 Hours 2019

The team had a great trip to the the wonderful Spa 6 Hours, here’s a sample video to view.

More pictures here

Spa Summer Classic 2019

I managed to include a sneak visit to the Spa Summer Classic meeting whilst driving back from a holiday trip in the Alps with the wife.  The number of shots is limited as I only spent a few hours there on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (I didn’t want to push it with the missus as she has a mean right hook!).

More pictures here

Backfire – Race the Waves 2018

David Archer & myself attended the inaugural meeting of Backfire – Race the waves on South Shore Bridlington on 8th September 2018.  A great meeting with an eclectic mix of hot rods & motorcycles with everyone dressed in period costume, for a race over 1/8th of a mile on the sands.

More pictures here


Harewood Historic Hill Climb 2022