Motorsport Photography At Its Best

Picked Dave up from Newton Aycliffe on Friday afternoon to intercept the Rally after it left the special stages at croft, however the weather was being rather unkind to the drivers with a combination of heavy rain, then hail then snow.  We eventually gave up following the cars near Edmunbyers as we couldn’t see them through the snow blizzards.

Ford A 

We decided to start again early on the Saturday morning to follow the cars through Northumberland and along the fantastic coastline.



We picked up the cars after their short stop at Acklington Station and managed to find a few picturesque location for shots.

Alfa Romeo

Sean Bramhall had a more interesting start to the day than he bargained for though when one of his wheels fell off. A passing local, a Mr Charlie McGowan, who competed in the 2010 Peking to Paris also happens to be a more than handy mechanic. He took Sean and his stricken Triumph back to his workshop and got the problem sorted. What a result.



By now the sun was shining, the sky was blue and all was well with the Rally as we sped along past Bamburgh Castle alongside Budle Bay before we pointed ourselves westwards for more regularity and navigational challenges in and around The Burns. Crews had to be on their mettle in this section.