Motorsport Photography At Its Best

Just in case you don’t know what Goodwood #74MM stands for: no worries. I did not either. It stands for the 74th edition of the Goodwood Member Meeting, an event at Lord March’s Goodwood estate that is not only about racing, but also about heritage and responsibility.


2016 is an important year for the GT40 as it marks 50 years since the Le Mans 1-2-3 finish. Seeing such a variety of the machines line up for a race was amazing.


The greatest contemporary flamethrower is the McLaren P1. Go back in time though, and the fire from those exhaust only get more violent.  Yet it’s only Faberge Racing’s #1 ‘74 that keeps spitting flames year after year.


Commenting on the 74th Members Meeting, the Earl of March said, “I am very proud that we managed to pull together one of the best selections of racing cars and bikes ever at Goodwood, and despite some challenging moments, the event was a great success.”