Motorsport Photography At Its Best

Dave & myself set off for Harewood just after breakfast on a fine Saturday morning.  We had been to the hill climbs at Harewood before, but never  a historic one, and oh boy were we in for a treat!!!  We arrived just before 11 o’clock and were open mouthed just at some of the cars in the car park 🙂

1957 Aston Martin DB2-4 mk11, 3.0, one of only 199 made

We wandered into the paddock and started drooling straight away at the amazing sights, sounds and smells (oh the wonderful smell of Castrol R, better than aftershave).

Riley 9 Special – Harewood Historics

It would be hard to pick out a favourite as there were so many beautiful cars, some were pristine showroom condition others were how we like to see them, used originals that scream a racing pedigree, no less loved but battered and bruised due to racing, superb!

Bentley 4.5 Litre – Harewood Historics

One vehicle worthy of special mention was the 24 litre Napier-Bentley, oh my goodness what a beast of a motor and a sound to send a shiver down your spine, I don’t think the driver was particularly bothered about his hill climb time, his sole purpose of being there appeared to be to see how much rubber he could lay down on the track and the wheels were spinning in thick clouds of rubber smoke at every opportunity, mad as a hatter 🙂

24 Litre Napier-Bentley Harewood Historics

It was a bright and breezy day but we were blessed that there was no rainfall and hold ups were kept to a minimum, usually due to a breakdown halfway up the hill!  The meeting drew to a close at 5:45pm and as we headed back North  we both agreed it was one of the best historic meetings so far this year and a definite for next years calendar.

MG C Type – Harewood Historics