Motorsport Photography At Its Best

The whole team travelled to Spa including the new trainee Mark.  This time we had a change of plan and went from Newcastle to Amsterdam to save the journey to Hull, and overall it was a much easier trip.  We sailed out of Newcastle on the Thursday evening in glorious sunshine and were soon sipping the first of a few beverages.  After a late evening and a small gin we settled down for the night, the 0600 buzzer sounded way too soon!!  We actually arrived  nearly two hours late into Amsterdam due to thick fog, so just after ten we were on our way south to Spa- Francorchamps.

Spa Summer Classic 2016

We arrived at the circuit at 1500hrs after checking into our accommodation at Stavelot and a bomb burst ensued with us all heading in different directions looking for the shots we missed last year.  We regrouped just after 2000hrs and headed back to the accommodation.

Porsche ascending Eau Rouge

The following morning we set off just after breakfast to travel approx. 70 miles to The Nurburgring and the VLM endurance race.  The weather slowly deteriorated and was raining “stair rods” by the time we got there, Matty was organised as usual and hadn’t brought a coat so he was soon fitted out with a designer bin bag.

VLM at The Ring


We then travelled back to Spa for the evening endurance race and were blessed with a spectacular sunset.

Spa Summer Classic 2016

and some super light trails.

Spa Summer Classic 2016

A late finish today 2200hrs and by this time everyone was starving, so it was off to “Le Restaurant Grill Steak House” for a superb steak and an even better gin & tonic, we then headed back for a quite night at the digs with a bottle of Gin & some local brew.

Sunday was our last day at Spa and it was nice & hot apart from one cloudburst that resulted in a red flagged race, but as usual at Spa it wasn’t long before the sun was drying the track again.


Spa Summer Classic 2016

It was with heavy heart once again we left Spa after a wonderful meeting and headed for an overnight stop in Uttrecht before sailing back to Newcastle on Monday evening.

More pictures available here  Spa Summer Classic  & VLM Nurburgring